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We have rich experience in R & D and sales of new energy and new materials, especially in the field of steel. The company focuses on customized processing, the company currently has nearly 100 employees, factory area of 25300 square meters, has a number of mature mechanical processing equipment, quality assured, welcome your cooperation!

Enterprise strength


According to the samples or drawings provided by customers, it can realize customized processing and production, flexible automatic processing, meet the processing requirements of multi variety single piece and small batch, modern management, and have the ability of joint R & D and design with customers.



Build a professional technical team. The company has more than 100 employees, including nearly 40 senior professional and technical personnel, nearly 50 senior technicians, technicians and technicians, and more than 30 marketing and service personnel.


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Better than the market price for the sale of equipment warranty maintenance. To provide you with professional solutions, let your technical team grow rapidly, enhance the core competitiveness. Quick response mechanism, quick Q & A and considerate after-sales service.

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Chengdu Youli Kuen New Material Co., Ltd. is a family business with a history of 16 years. We focus on the R amp; D, production and sales of new materials, new energy and environmental protection equipment, especially in the field of electric power and steel. We have two domestic and international R amp; D centers and p……

Chengdu Youli Kuen New Material Co., Ltd
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